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ISRP Summer 2011: Students Present their Research

August 18, 2011 - Today 18 students of International Students’ Research Program of this Summer  2011 presented their research findings in a Presentation ceremony at Grameen auditorium.

Presided by Ms. Nazneen Sultana (MD, GC), Muhammad Jahangir (Media Personality) and Mr. Yukoh Satake (Co-CEO, Grameen Yukiguni Maitake Co. Ltd.) were presented at the program as chief guest and special guest respectively. In addition,  representatives from Yukiguni Maitake Co. Ltd., Yunus Center, Grameen Distribution, Grameen Shakti, Grameen Kalyan and many others were present in the ceremony.

This year 18 students were divided into four groups (Education, Health, Water & Sanitation and Waste Management) and completed their research activities in Ekhlaspur Union during August 9-17, 2011. In these 9 days they worked with the villagers to identify social problems related to their respective topic, find possible solutions and ways to implement it. They also did some promotional activities to raise social awareness.

The participants arranged a social program and Iftar party with Local Union Parishad Chairman, Imams, School Teachers and villagers.  The goal of this program was to get introduced with the local community, create bonding and exchange culture with the local authority and people. Union Parishad Chairman also arranged a Iftar Party for the Japanese guest on 15th August.

After the presentation there was a Question & Answer session conducted by Dr. Kazi Rafiqul Islam Maruf (Consultant, GCC) where the participants could directly interact with the audience through answering their specific questions regarding their research works. Finally, the attending guests shared their views and comments with the participants. 

On the basis of research works, presentations and interaction session Water & Sanitation team was declared as the best performing team of ISRP Summer 2011. Finally, at the end of the program certificates were distributed among all participants.

18 Japanese Students meet Professor Yunus

August 7, 2011 - International Students Research Program (ISRP) has started today with a key-note lecture from Nobel Laureate  Dr. Muhammad Yunus and a presentation session on Social Business  by Yunus Center. In this ISRP Summer 2011 session, 18 students from different Japanese Universities are attending the program. Today the students met Professor Yunus to hear directly from him on Social Business.

ISRP offers seminars, experience of working with the villagers to identify social problems and brainstorming for unique solutions to solve social issues. 8 Bangladeshi students from the University of Dhaka, Jahangir Nagar University and Heriot-Watt University are also joining the program with them. They will stay in Ekhlaspur in Matlab Uttar Upazila under Chandpur District during August 9-17, 2011. The team will work in 4 MDG items:  Education, Health, Water-Sanitation and Waste Management. Local people from Ekhlaspur village will support this program and arrange local food, accommodation and cultural activities for the visiting team.

Professor  Seiichiro Yonekura (Director, Institute of Innovation Research, Hitotsubashi University, Japan) and Dr. Ashir Ahmed (Founder and Director, Global Communication Center, Bangladesh) have started this program since 2008. There are three sessions of ISRP every year in spring (April-July), summer (August-November) and winter (December-March) respectively. Grameen Yukiguni Maitake Co. Ltd., the first social business with Japan, was created through this program.

Our Problems Our Solutions: ISRP Winter 2011 -

January 09, 2011: ISRP researchers from Japan presented their research findings at the seminar organized by GCC at Grameen Bank bhabon auditorium. Representatives from various concerns were also in the seminar.

Dividing into 4 groups 24 students searched the problems in Education, Health, Waste management and Water & Sanitation at Ekhlaspur Union. Professor Seichiro Yunekura from Hitotsubashi University of Japan also worked as one of the group member in group Water & Sanitation. GCC arranged a meeting between Japanese guest and UP members, Teachers and Imam Sahebs which was presiding by Up Chairman of Ekhlaspur at the first day. In their 5 days tour (4th to 8th January) all the groups visited their related concerns, interviewed people, discussed with villagers & respective officials about their searching & shared their findings. They also suggested the probable solutions of the respective problems to the local people. One of these efforts was an important presentation about Waste management condition of local market ‘Ekhlaspur Bazar’ generated by ICT support which was greeted by the audience. For breaking the monotonous research work there was a tiny fashion show and catwalk performed by Japanese guests with the help of GCC official Faria Haque which was enjoyed greatly by local people as well as Japanese.

 Groups name:

Group - A :




Members :

Daichi Usui

Risa Kikuchi (F)

Saori Miyagawa (F)

Naoto Fukuda

Ayako Doue (F)

Motoi Shioda

Presentation :

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Group - B :

Waste Management



Members :

Tamaki Nagai (F)

Yohei Miura

Masako Yoshimura (F)

Yoshitaka Higuchi

Eri Otaki (F)

Yoshinobu Okada

Presentation :

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Group - C :




Members :

Hiroka Sato (F)

Undral Byambadalai (F), Mongolia

Kentaro Kamei

Naoyuki Okano

Seichiro Yonekura

Kaoruko Yamaoka (F)

Presentation :

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Group - D :




Members :

Junichi Sekine

Erika Kuwata (F)

Yuta Takata

Sayami Toyoda (F)

Hiroshi Shimizu

Akira Shibutani

Presentation :

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Winner: For their best performance in Water & Sanitation field, Group-C was declared the best team for ISRP program, Winter 2011.