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What Is ISRP?

ISRP is a program under International Research Opportunity Program (IROP). It creates scope for any organization or an individual to collaborate with and contribute to the projects under Global Communication Center (GCC) of Grameen Communications for social developments. It facilitates the collaborators, interested in Social Business, to reach the field and meet the social requirements directly.

Opportunities for the ISRP Researcher

  • Stay in village and experience village life.
  • Work with the villagers with direct communication.
  • Find problems and their solutions.
  • Collaborate business for villager's prospect.
  • Research about Social Business.
  • Focus fields of research: Education, Waste Management, Water &Sanitation and Health.

Goals of ISRP

  • Establish a bottom-up approach to create social business opportunities.
  • Demonstrate villager's needs, research seeds and identify new social roles.
  • Assist the villagers to collect, digitize, archive and update village information.

Eligibility to Participate in ISRP

GramWeb encourages all students and young entrepreneur and professionals with a background of ICT, Social Science and Economics for participating in this GIP. However, person with relevant skills from any background and interest can also apply.


The participation and contribution of the interns to the GramWeb project will be acknowledged by providing certificates and/or mentioning the contributions on the related project documentations.

Tour Schedule


Arrival in Bangladesh ( Dhaka Airport)

Day 1 (Dhaka)

Orientation Program, Research Training at GCC and Lecture of
Dr. Muhammed Yunus

Day 2 (Dhaka->Village) 

Move to Village in the morning

Day 3, 4 , 5, 6, 7 (Village )

Research in Village

Day 8(Village->Dhaka)  

Return to Dhaka

Day 9(Dhaka)

Presentation at GCC


Life in Dhaka (Business, Academia, and Market) and Departure
from Dhaka

Program Sessions

ISRP Winter

December - March

ISRP Spring

April - July

iSRP Summer

August - November

We Assist

  • Plan and arrange the whole program
  • Appointments with all concerning parties
  • English speaking guide
  • Transportation
  • Hotel arrangement and airport pick-up service
  • Meals
  • Reports on Bangladesh infrastructure, general statistics, market status and development facts & figures

Necessary Information

Temperature: The range of temperature in Bangladesh usually in Winter is 8-15, Spring is 15-30 and Summer is 30-40.
Dress Codes: People in village are conservative about dress. Researchers are advised to keep these things in mind while choosing their clothing for the village.
Things May Bring With: Researchers are advised to bring necessary emergency medicine, torch light, mosquito repellent, etc.

Research Sites

  • Ekhlaspur: Ekhlaspur is a Union under the Upazilla of Motlob North in Chandpur District or Bangladesh. Padma and Meghna, two large rivers are flowing by this Union. Total population of the Union is 21,183. GCC established their first Village Communication Center (VCC), a village Internet kiosk, at Ekhlaspur in 2008. We have local arrangement regarding accommodation, foods and all necessary logistic support there. Excellent village environment, good facilities and past research background - all creates an excellent opportunity for the researchers to work there and understand the real village life.
  • Basundia: Basundia is a Union under the Kotwali Upazilla in Jessor District of Bangladesh. Total population of the Union is 31, 146.

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