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Global Communication Center (GCC) offers a unique research opportunity especially to the young generation and the professionals around the globe through this International Research Opportunity Program (IROP). IROP is a research program about the life of the unreached people. Researchers find out various social problems and works out solutions to address them using various useful technologies. It offers scope for any organization or an individual to collaborate with and contribute to the technology based social development projects under taken by GCC. It also facilitates the collaborators, interested in Social Business, to reach the field and experience the social requirements directly.

Work Scope:

  • Investigate and survey on socio-economical situation and living in the rural areas of Bangladesh.
  • Work with the villagers to collect village information about their life style, requirements and problems.
  • Research on technologies to find-out solutions
  • Study and introduce self-sustaining business models.


  • Establish a bottom-up approach to create Social Business (SB) opportunities.
  • Assist the villagers on how to overcome their problems.
  • Demonstrate villagers' needs, research seeds and identify new social roles.

Current Programs Under IROP:

At present IROP has been running the following structured programs -

  1. International Students Research Program (ISRP)

  2. Social Business Tour (SBT)

Besides the above, IROP is open for any purposive custom programs for any individual or an organization.


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